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Charles Poncet practices law in Geneva and specializes in international arbitration, commercial and contractual litigation, white collar matters and media law. Admitted to the Geneva Bar in 1972, after two years of internship (avocat stagiaire), Charles Poncet was trained as a trial lawyer, participating in several leading criminal cases as early as 1974. He practiced at Staehelin, Hafter & Partners and in 1975 he joined his family law firm in Geneva (Poncet, Turrettini, Amaudruz & Neyroud) founded by his father and led by his brother. In 1981 he joined Lalive & Budin in Geneva, until he started his own law firm in 1986, which eventually became ZPG in Geneva until the merger with CMS von Erlach Henrici in 2014. He retired from CMS von Erlach Poncet SA as of December 31, 2016 and presently practices on his own.

Charles Poncet has been active in international arbitration for thirty years, initially as secretary of several international arbitral tribunals and subsequently as arbitrator, chairman or counsel. He appeared in several leading cases concerning large scale investments, joint ventures and other issues.

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